How it Works
The Bible is the most influential and bestselling book in all of history! Yet it can be difficult and challenging to read. One of the most frequent comments heard from people is “Pastor, I want to read the Bible but I just don’t know where to begin!” The E100 offers all of us a place to begin....

The E100 takes you through 100 of the essential stories of the Bible—50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament—so you’ll see the big picture of God’s story. You'll read 5 passages each week for 20 weeks.  Simply download the free planner today!  The passages are usually one to two chapters in length and can easily be read in 10 minutes or less. Whether it’s the first time you’ve opened the Bible or the thousandth, the E100 will lead you on an exciting journey! 

Simple Steps
What a great opportunity to become more familiar with God’s story, as well as share it together as families! God's story becomes our story. Follow these simple steps:

1. FIND a Bible translation that is easy for you to understand. We use the NIV (New International Version) during worship at KLC but any translation will do. Free Bibles are available, just stop by the church office. You can use the resources below. All materials and sermons around E100 are "translation neutral."

2. SET aside a special TIME and PLACE to read the Bible each day using the method below.

3. LOG-ON and add your name to the wall below.

4. TRACK your Progress using the Reading Guide here.

5. BRING your Bible to worship on Sundays or use the pew Bibles.

6. DO IT with a friend or as part of a small group.  Complete the Action Plan on the Reading Guide.

Bible Reading Method

Now that you’ve decided on a time and a place, you’re ready to “dig in” to the Bible itself. The following Bible Reading Method is a simple method developed by Scripture Union that has been used by millions of people around the world for over 100 years. Here’s how it works: 

 PRAY before reading the Scripture passage.  Remember, you’re beginning a dialog with God—not simply reading a book.  Ask God to help you understand the passage.  Amen!  

 READ the Bible passage slowly and carefully. You may want to read the pas­sage more than once. It also may also find it helpful to read the preceding or following passages to get the context.  Keep a pencil or highlighter handy so you can make notes, or underline key phrases or verses.

REFLECT on what you just read and ask yourself: [Pray]

  • What is the main point?
  • What does it reveal about God or about me? 
  • Which person is most like me?  Why?
  • Which person is least like me?  Why?
  • What confuses or challenges me? 
  • What delights or comforts me? 

APPLY to your life what God teaches you.  God gave us his Word for “teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:14-16).  Its purpose is not only to give us information about God, but, also to help us live in a relationship with him and others. After you’ve reflected on the meaning of the passage, ask yourself:

  • Did the passage contain an example to follow, a warning to heed, a promise to claim?
  • How can God’s Word apply to my life today at home, work, school or church? 
  • What does God require of me now, in thought, word or deed?
  • Who is God calling me to be?
 E100 Wall
We accept the challenge!
1. Karen Kruse
2. Jen Novak
3. Leon Perhus
4. Marian Perhus
5. Andrew Schlecht
6. Gerry Hoyme
7. Cheryl Rostad
8. Karen Hertsgaard
9. Erin Kub
10. Craig Hertsgaard
11. Vallorie Schlecht
12. Sandy Olsgard
13. Velora Robertsdahl
14. Carlotta Spelhaug
15. Vicki Milbrandt
16. Joan Halland
17. Steve Halland
18. Norma Otterson
19. Julie Otterson
20. Rodney Braaten
21. George Kruse
22. Evan Moe
23. Marie Moe
24. Pat McCollum
25. Irene Roe
26. James Roe
27. Staci Lee
28. Matt Kapan
29. Veran Kapan
30. Bill Novak
31. Janet Kub
32. Jeff Kub
33. Jasmine  McFarlane
34. Brandon Kub
35. Suzanne Wolf
36. Christine Ilvedson
37. Deb Perhus
38. Jim Pearson
39. Lori Pearson
40. Carmen Howell
41. Marlan Olson
42. Ivonne Olson
43. Barbara Rude
44. Deano Handt
45. Marina Handt
46. Tracy Handt
47. LaVonne Nokleberg
48. Scott Milbrandt
49. Altha Johnson
50. Dona Schock
51. Virginia Reymer
52. Jere Hill
53. Linda Coltrin
54. Elizabeth Schlecht
55. Eleanor Braaten
56. Abby Mattson
57. Jennifer Bortz Noyce
58.  Lisa Carpenter
59. Jane Mattson
60. Kevin Mattson
61. LeAnn Toppen
62. Teresa Braaten
63. Alec Braaten
64. Paige Lee
65. Jared McCullum
66. Paige Milbrandt
67. Mataya Ordahl
68. Karley Perhus
69. Tyler Sahr
70. Tanner Thompson
71. Eric Bachmeier
72. Savanna Nesemeier
73. Brian Nipstad
74. Sydney Otterson
75. Mattea Johnson
76. Terryn Johnson
77. Karen Mowinski
78. Sally Erickson
79. Ruth  Bachmeier
80. Lloyd Olsgard
81. Jean Hertsgaard
82. John Hertsgaard
83. Vicki Thompson
84. Haley Thompson
85. Cassie Kisse
86. Brandon Kisse
87. Rob Sahr
88. Nicole Sahr
89. Brady Sahr
90. Ray Otterson
91.  Marlys Bergene
92.  Arlene Lykken
93.  Bruce Lykken
94.  Jocelyn Miller
95.  Jacqueline Miller
96.  Muriel Evenson
97.  Jodi Nesemeier
98.  Mandi Johnson
99.   Emma Ilvedson
100.   Scott Ilvedson
101.   Samantha Novak
102. Carol Anne Bennett
103. Bruce Messelt
104. Emma Schmit
105. Kevin Ayer
106. Marie Charlton
107. Joce Miller
108. Jordan Staton
109. Jaxon Handt
110. Mandi Johnson
111. Riley Staton
112. Kitty Blilie
113. Bev Kroshus
114. JoAnn Ordahl
115. Brian Ordahl116. Lorraine Spelhaug
117. Michelle Gietzen
118. Scott Gietzen
119. Luke Gietzen
120. Mya Gietzen
121. Cheri Thompson

Get some super-charged fuel of your own!  It’s called The E100 Challenge!   Read 5 passages of Scripture each week for 20 weeks. Will you dare to take the E100 challenge?

* International E100 wall
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God's story.  Our story.
How is God working in your life through E100? We'd love to hear your story!  Please complete and submit the form below.   Remember that confidentiality is important if your story involves your small group or other individuals. Pastor Andrew may contact you to invite you to share your story in worship and/or Kindred publications.  God's story.  Our story.  

PRAY again.  Make your discoveries from the Bible the basis of your prayer time.  Thank God for meeting with you and sharing his Word with you.  Ask God to help you live out and apply what you learned.  Ask him to transform you.    Pray about your own needs and the needs of others.  Thank him for answers to prayers.   Amen!  

E100 Resources
* Kindred Preacher Blog - Pastor Andrew's blog includes comments on the E100 readings, plus a few other thoughts and ponderings. Check out his blog here.

* Twitter - You can also follow Pastor Andrew on Twitter! Check out his tweets here.

* E100 Planner - Lists all 100 Bible stories, simply download a free E100 Reading Guide here!

* Bible Reading Method - 5 step method for studying the Bible. Download a free copy here.

* Discussion Guide - Sparks discussion for your family or small group, or enhances your personal devotional time.  Download a free discussion Guide here.

* 7 Habits of Effective Bible Readers - Gives practical suggestions for studying the Bible. Download your free copy of 7 Habits here

* Biblia - Find additional resources for Bible study at this site by LOGOS. Sign in for access to 37 Bible study resources. Visit Biblia here.

* Net Bible - Includes the New English Translation (NET) and free Bible study software, with the Greek and Hebrew and good translation notes. Visit Net Bible here.

E100 Wall
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E100 Challenge

* The Essential Bible Guide Book - Features short chapters to accompany your daily Bible readings, and provides additional background and application to your daily life. Available at

* Bible Gateway - You can also access the Bible via your computer through Bible Gateway. For those who prefer the spoken word or don't like to read you can listen here.

* Enter the Bible - Find a wealth of resources from Luther Seminary to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. Visit Enter the Bible here!

If you are a fan of car racing, you should recognize E100—it is pure 100% ethanol fuel.  For those who have been around [far] longer than most, you may recall that the first commercial vehicle capable of running on pure 100% ethanol was the Ford Model T!  Today, E100 is the sup ercharged fuel used in the Indianapolis 500!