The heart of worship is God and what God does—not us, our faith, or our experiences.   God freely gives us the gifts of his presence, forgiveness and salvation.  God speaks to us through the written Word of Scripture, the proclaimed Word in the sermon and hymns,  and the visible Words of communion and baptism.

We typically celebrate Holy Communion weekly.  Our Lord Jesus invites all believers to join him in fellowship at his table and to receive his real presence in the bread and wine as a gift given for you for the forgiveness of your sins.  If you do not wish to receive communion, you may come forward and keep your hands folded in prayer and receive a blessing.  Remember what he has done for you.  Trust and believe.  Come.  Be the guest of our Savior!

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We invite you to join us for learning, worship and fellowship!  Come just as you are!  Stepping into an unfamiliar church for the first time can be a little intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable for some people. When you visit KLC you can expect to feel welcomed and accepted.  


The CROSS reminds us that we are “gathered” by the Holy Spirit who calls us together at the foot of the cross.  The heart of our life together is the person of Jesus—who he is and what he has done for us.  We do not move up toward God.  God comes down to us.  God gathers us into his presence to give us his gracious gifts.  God speaks to his people, and we, in turn, respond through prayer, praise and service. Kindred Lutheran Church places a high priority on God’s Word, prayer, Biblical preaching, engaging worship, and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Sunday Morning Schedule

September through May
Learning 8:45 am
Worship 10:00 am
Fellowship 11:00 am

Memorial Day through Labor Day
Worship 9:00 am
Fellowship 10:00 am

Wednesday Evening Schedule
Worship 7:00 pm Wednesday