Funerals at Kindred Lutheran Church

Funerals are an unfortunate part of life. We at Kindred Lutheran Church hope to make your life easier and you prepare for and plan your loved one's funeral. 

Typically you will first meet with a funeral home to plan for the care of your loved one. From there, they will usually contact the church or Pastor Kyle to schedule a date and discuss any other arangements. If you would like Pastor Kyle to join you for meeting with the funeral home, please let the funeral director know or contact the KLC office to let us know. 

After meeting with the funeral home, Pastor Kyle likes to meet with the family to discuss specifics of the service and get any special stories about your loved one.

Please contact the KLC office if you have any questions pertaining to a funeral.

Planning for Your Own Funeral

It can be difficult to contemplate and discuss your own death. It can also be difficult for families to know how to best honor your life as they are grieving the loss of you. Sometimes it can be easier to plan and discuss these things before that day comes.

If you would like to plan your own funeral, Pastor Kyle would be happy to help you. From music choices, to readings, to any other important aspects of a funeral, Pastor Kyle can help you make your funeral a little easier for your loved ones.

Please contact Pastor Kyle or the KLC office to schedule a time to plan your funeral.