Central African Republic

Our companion synod is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central Africa Republic (EELRCA) which has about 60,000 members, a Bible school, and seminary.  Even thought the majority of the nation’s population is Christian, the church struggles to minister to its people by providing educational and medical services that are not provided by the government.  The EELRCA is a growing church, in spite of the difficulties. 

The Central African Republic, a land-locked country in the middle of Africa, is one of the poorest countries on the continent. This country, about the size of the state of Texas, has a per capita income of about $250 per year. Poor government over he years has devastated the economy and lead to the breakdown of the country’s infrastructure, including roads, schools, hospitals, electricity, telephone, and transportation. Our Synod is involved in a number of ways: 

  • The Village Education Project

  • The Church Roof Project

  • Women’s Center

  • Girl’s High School Scholarships

  • Health Center in Gallo

Additional information about our synod ministry partners is available here.