Thank You!

Electronic Giving

Your faithful gifts to God's work at Kindred Lutheran Church are always appreciated, whether to the General Fund to support the ongoing work of the church or for specific ministries.
Thank you
, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for your faithful financial support!
Thank you for investing for time and eternity here at Kindred Lutheran Church!
Thank you for being faithful stewards of God's infinite grace!

Thank you for sharing your generous gifts and for making the Kingdom of God a reality here and throughout the world through your faithful giving of your time, talents and treasures!

We are “Faithful Stewards of God’s Infinite Grace!” (1 Peter 4:10). All of us are in the same position before God. We own absolutely nothing for “the earth and everything in it belong to God” (Psalm 24:1)All of us are stewards for God. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we view our time, talents and treasure as gifts of God’s infinite grace—as blessings he has loaned to us for a short time to serve others.  We are blessed to be a blessing!   

​​You can also download the GIVE + Moble App to your phone to make donations.

​​Authorized monthly or semi-monthly withdrawals for a specified amount can be made directly from your checking or savings account. This is a convenient way to ensure that your giving to the Lord is consistent, even when you are out of town. You may also make donations via your credit card or your bank account—either a one time gift or as reoccurring gifts.  By offering the credit/debit card option, Kindred Lutheran is not encouraging you to incur any debt in order to make donations to the church. If you prefer to give cash, envelopes are available at the Church.

Text to Simply Text 701-401-3349 OR click on the following link to make a secure donation:

May God bless you!